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Dear Guest of Trinity Church,
Thank you for having joined with us at Trinity Church, Norfolk. We are truly pleased that you chose to worship with us because we believe that everyone who enters these doors is God’s guest. We hope that you found our service uplifting and comforting and our members friendly. If you were seeking a church just for today, thank you for having celebrated with us and may God be with you as you travel.
If you are searching for a new church community, we wish to respond in whatever manner will suit you best. We do try to respond to everyone’s needs and to offer everyone opportunities for worship, education, fellowship, and community service. Our services are open to all regardless of age, marital status, color, or creed, and we will welcome you when and if you return. If you have children, Trinity offers Godly Play Church School.  The children join the adults for communion after Sunday School.
So thank you for your interest in our church. We hope you will join us again soon in community worship. In the meantime, if you would like information about participating more fully in the life of the Parish or have questions or needs to which we may respond, please call the Rector, Father Peter Jark-Swainat (402)371-3080 (church office number).
In the Living Christ,
The Rev. Peter Jark-Swain

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